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Last Updated: February 11, 2019


About Divine Home Care

Operating since: 2003

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Divine Home Care, Inc. is a family-run business and we are so thankful for that! Administrator Pam Brede leads the entire Divine Home Care team in providing the best quality care possible for individuals, along with her husband Jeff. They feel so blessed to have children who share their passion for family, as well as caring for others. All three of their daughters: Stephanie, Jessie and Alison are Registered Nurses and work at Divine Home Care and Hospice. More information


The family is pictured above (left to right): Jessie is the Director of Clinical Services, Alison is the Director of Nursing, Jeff is Director of Finance, Pam is our Administrator, & Stephanie is Director of Hospice. Because family plays such a vital role at Divine Home Care, it is the goal of this company to help families remain together for as long as possible!

Pam Brede, along with her business partner, Debra Shriver, opened Divine Home Care, Inc. in May of 2003 and the company became Medicare Certified in 2004 (Click here to learn more about Medicare certified Home Health services). Before that time, Pam worked as a RN in both the hospital and waivered settings. Since 2003, we have grown to five offices in Minnesota, including Willmar (our corporate office), BensonLitchfieldLittle Falls and Redwood Falls that serve 26 counties in Minnesota.

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We encourage you to browse our site to learn about our services and find other helpful information. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have questions or would like to talk about providing care for you or a loved one. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Mission:

Divine Home Care is dedicated to compassionately caring for individuals who wish to remain in their own homes. Care, assistance and education are provided in a kind and respectful manor, which supports promoting independence and dignity for each and every client. We truly believe in providing “home care with a heart.”

Meet Our Corporate Staff

Bottom: Alison (Director of Nursing), Lexi (Staffing Assistant), Jessie (Director of Clinical Services), Karen (Director of Operations)

Middle: Deb (ILS Coordinator), Nikki (Administrative Assistant), Sarah (Director of Marketing),

Back: Jessica (Reimbursement Specialist), Bailie (HCN Manager Assistant), Ed (Home Care Nursing Manager), Steph (Director of Hospice), Pam (Administrator), Jeff (Director of Finance)

Not Pictured: Mackenzie (Authorizations Assistant)

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