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About Klein Insurance & Financial Services

About Klein Insurance

Klein Insurance is an independent insurance Agency serving clients in Minnesota and the Dakotas through it’s three locations.

Klein insurance was founded in 1976 by Kenneth Klein and continues to be a family owned business. Christopher Klein now leads Klein Insurance with a talented team of 11 other individuals.

Why Klein? Because we are an independent insurance agency we can conduct a thorough search of the insurance marketplace. This allows us to match your exact needs with the insurance carrier who will provide the best risk management solutions for the best value. We do not work for any insurance company.

Because we are a family run business with over 125 years of combined experience we have the knowledge and expertise to provide sound, clear and ethical insurance advice to you.

Being a full-service agency we can provide solutions to all your insurance needs. Auto, home, health, business, specialty and more, our well-trained staff will go the extra mile to meet your needs.

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    Solve Your Medicare Health Plan Insurance Worries in Wadena

    Are you bewildered about your Medicare options and scared you might end up without the right coverage in place?

    Lots of people feel like that. Often they don’t know whether they’re entitled to enroll in Medicare, how to do it, and how to choose from the scores of Medicare health plan options for the private coverage that goes hand in hand with the Federal program.

    But if you’re in the broad region around Wadena, MN, you’re in luck. You have the Medicare specialists at Klein Insurance on your doorstep to provide the guidance and support you need.

    If you want to know more about Medicare enrollment, you can visit But in very simple terms, the program can cover certain hospital and doctor visit costs and some elements of prescriptions for qualified people.

    That leaves an awful lot of gaps, options and opportunities. But to fill those gaps, or even to replace many elements of basic Medicare with a more comprehensive Medicare health insurance plan, you have to turn to private insurers.

    That’s when it gets confusing because there are many insurers offering different types of Medicare health insurance plans, at different rates, with different copays and scope of coverage.