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Arvig brings it home.
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Think fast

Whether you’re a casual browser, hardcore gamer or somewhere in the middle, we all use the internet. Arvig offers high speed internet with the bandwidth and reliable speed to support your devices and keep you connected to family, school, work and life. We continue to expand, improve and invest in our network, with the intention of bringing our customers a better online experience.

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Connected meets convenient

Who says there’s nothing good on TV anymore? With Arvig, TV is better. Arvig WiFi TV gives you control of how you watch. It’s simpler, more responsive and available on most of your devices. To get started, you’ll need an Arvig internet connection and the WiFi TV app.

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Your landline can be a lifeline

Phone service with Arvig includes local customer service and an affordable, clear and dependable connection. Whether a landline is your primary calling method or your backup plan, traditional phone service has benefits. In an emergency, 9-1-1 responders can easily find you. In a power outage, you can still make calls. And you never have to worry about spotty or unreliable network coverage on a wired phone line. Choose from a full complement of calling features, including voicemail, caller ID and call forwarding.

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Always on guard

Arvig’s security professionals are on stand-by for you day, night and year-round. From our Minnesota-based call center, our security team connects you instantly to the authorities when an emergency arises. Rest easy knowing we always have your back. Our security team will build a complete security system for your lifestyle and budget, whether you need fire and break-in protection, video surveillance or a customized security solution. We work with Honeywell, DSC Security, and other top brands. Our security experts work with you to design a system that best protects your home and property and meets your specifications.

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Sales and service that clicks

Sooner or later, digital advancements and escalating system requirements will get the best of every computer. And if that isn’t enough, performance-draining viruses and malware can hold back even the newest systems. At some point, every computer owner faces the question of repairing or upgrading. Trying to get by with an outdated or underperforming computer can be frustrating, especially if you depend on it to connect to the internet and run your applications and programs. If your computer needs a fix or you’re looking for a new system altogether, Arvig can help.

Contact the Arvig Tech Team at:

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